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Roofing Blog

A Brief & Colorful History of Tampa, Florida (1700’s to Now)

Tampa is a city located on the Gulf Coast of South Florida. It is the seat of Hillsborough County, the…

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6 Types Of Roof Shingles Compared (Pros & Cons)

Are you trying to find the best types of roof shingles for your home? Finding the best shingles can be…

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Great Things To Do With A Free Day In Tampa (Day-Trip Guide)

If you are looking for fun things to do in Tampa, FL, then this list is for you. There are…

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7 of the Most Fun Theme Parks In Orlando For Your 2022 Vacation

Visiting Orlando Florida is a must for many families. The city has some of the best theme parks in the…

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How To Get Roof Damage Covered By Insurance (Step-By-Step Guide)

When a storm or other natural disaster damages your roof, you may be left wondering the best way to get…

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How Does The Age Of Your Roof Impact Insurance In 2021? (Guide)

Oh, the joys of homeowners insurance. There are so many rules and regulations for determining what is or isn’t covered,…

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38 Key Questions to Ask When Buying a House In 2022

When you’re looking to buy a home, whether it be your first or second home (or third), chances are you’ve…

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Signs That You Need a Roof Replacement

Are you wondering how to tell if you need a roof replacement? Your roof is an important investment and your…

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