Did you know that the way your roof is installed or maintained can negatively affect your energy bill? With the unforgiving summers getting a little hotter and a little longer each year, it might be a good idea to assess how energy efficient your roof is. If your roof turns out to be an energy drain, don’t worry. Secured Roofing and Restoration has some tips to make your roof more energy-efficient.

Proper Roof Insulation Can Increase Energy Savings

Insulation is the first step in making your home more energy-efficient. It’s affordable and simple to install with or without the help of a professional.

You should have insulation covering every external wall of your home including your attic. If your attic isn’t properly insulated, the heat from the sun will penetrate the interior of your home causing your air conditioner to work harder than it needs to.

Even if you have insulation covering your attic, you may not have enough to keep your energy costs down. Older homes will sometimes only use 3 inches of insulation when you should have over 10 inches. From home foam to fiberglass insulation, there are many options at your local hardware store that you can use to beef up your insulation and reduce your energy bill.

Roofs that are lighter in color, or “cool roofs”, can be as much as 50-60 degrees cooler than a dark roof.

Make Your Roof a Cool Roof

Make Your Roof a Cool RoofWe all know what it’s like to walk barefoot on an asphalt road on a hot summer day. The heat that is absorbed by the dark color of the asphalt makes the ground much hotter than that of a white cement sidewalk. The same principals of physics apply to your roof.

If you want to save on energy costs when buying a new roof, then you may want to look at choosing a lighter color for your shingles. Roofs that are lighter in color, or cool roofs, can be as much as 50-60 degrees cooler than a dark roof.

If you already have a dark roof, there is an energy efficient solution for you. You can hire your local roofing experts to install a cool roof coating onto your existing roof. Cool roof coating is a finishing layer that lightens your roof to reflect, rather than absorb the sun’s rays.

Make Your Roof a Green Roof

Going green” is a very common buzz word that is going around these days. However, going green means something different depending on the climate and type of home that you live in.

A house in Florida, for instance, will want to utilize cool roofing solutions as well as reflective coatings due to the intense nature of the sun. If you live on the coast, you will want to select roofing materials that withstand the constant bombarding of salt from the ocean. Choosing the right materials when reroofing your home can result in up to a 30 percent decrease in your home’s energy quotient.

Secured Roofing Can Guide You to Energy Savings

No matter where you live or what your circumstances are, listen to your local professionals at Secured Roofing and Restoration. They will take the time to fully understand your climate, home needs and personal preferences to provide you with a roof that reduces your energy costs and look fantastic with your outdoor home aesthetic.