Your roof is an important investment and your primary protection from the elements. Depending on how you maintain it, roofs can have shelf lives of anywhere between 15 and 30 years. Maintaining your roof regularly will increase its longevity and keep its aesthetic appeal longer. However, over time, your roof will begin to show signs of entropy. Below are signs to look out for that indicate the need for a roof replacement.

You Have Incurred Major Roof Damage

Florida storms are notorious for frequency, intensity and cost of damage. In fact, the cumulative impact from storms reached well over $200 billion in 2018. If your roof has been damaged by wind, hail or even a projectile, you will likely need a roof replacement. The golden rule states that if damage covers more than 35% of your roof, it’s more cost-effective to replace the roof rather than to repair it.

Your Roof Shingles are Curling

Curling shingles are typically symptomatic of an older roof. If your roof is newer (less than 7 years old) and you see curling shingles, it could be a sign that the company that installed the shingles did it improperly or that you don’t have proper attic ventilation. Wind-driven moisture crawls under your shingles which causes the curling and eventually will lead to leaks and roof rot. If you see your shingles curling, contact Secured Roofing and Restoration for a checkup.

Your Roof Shingles are Cracked or Worn-Down

Your shingles are the armor of your roof. They protect the roof structure from the outside elements similar to how a roof protects the entire house. As shingles wear down, they tend to lose their reflective nature allowing excess sunlight to enter the home. That sunlight leads to a warmer home and an increase in your electric bill during the summer.

You must also be weary of cracks. The older and more worn your shingles get, the more likely that they will crack increasing the risk of leaks and making your home more susceptible to rain. If you notice any irregularities with your shingles, you will at least need to have a trained expert take a look at your roof.

The golden rule states that if damage covers more than 35% of your roof, it’s more cost effective to replace the roof rather than to repair it.

Leaks Are Becoming Normal

White Ceiling Leaking WaterYour roof is not just a single sheet that covers your home. It is a large structure held together with multiple layers, joints and moisture barriers designed to keep your house interior dry and insulated. Over time, the various parts that make up your roof will begin to individually start failing, causing leaks around your house. If it is happening regularly, it would most likely be more cost-effective to replace the roof entirely.

Check Your Neighbors’ Roofs

Most developments are full of houses built around the same time. If you are looking at your neighbor’s homes and noticing that many are replacing their roofs, it might be time to take a look at your own. It doesn’t necessarily mean that your roof is in disrepair, but it may mean that you will need a replacement soon.

Your Roof is an Investment

Regardless of the issue that is plaguing your roof, it’s important to take roof health very seriously. It’s easy to take it for granted, but your roof is very important to your daily livelihood. Maintain your roof well and regularly. If you notice any of the symptoms above, contact Secured Roofing and Restoration immediately for an estimate.