Visiting Orlando Florida is a must for many families. The city has some of the best theme parks in the world, and we have compiled a list of our favorite ones to help you plan your next visit. There are so many different types of theme parks in Orlando that cater to all ages, from toddlers to adults!

People flock from all over the country to visit Florida theme parks, and not just Disney World, but a wide array of different parks that offer days of fun for the whole family. But did you know that Disney World alone boasts 4 theme parks and 2 waterparks in addition to hundreds of shopping, recreation, and entertainment options? You really can’t go wrong.

What are the 4 Disney Parks in Orlando?

4 different theme parks make up Disney World in Orlando: each with its own unique adventures and activities for a range of ages to enjoy.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom

People of all ages will have the time of their lives in Animal Kingdom. This animal-themed park is the largest in Orlando and offers rides, live performances, a boat ride through an 18-acre African savanna, safari tours of Kilimanjaro Safaris, as well as an elephant show where you might find yourself up close and personal with these giant, majestic creatures. The park is unique in that it doesn’t offer any rides, but instead provides guests with a chance to explore the beauty and diversity of animals from around the world on foot or by boat.


Epcot is a massive theme park with two sections: Future World (featuring rides and attractions highlighting how technology can improve the world) and World Showcase (a collection of 11 themed areas that explore different regions of the globe). Visitors can travel the world, eat worldly cuisine, head under the sea, and even get a simulated ride on a rocket to Mars, all in one place. Epcot is an incredible learning experience while also offering people the adventure of a lifetime.

Epcot Globe

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

This park is mostly geared towards adults with its nighttime parade, a show starring high-energy performers called Fantasmic!, an amphitheater used for live concerts, and various thrill rides.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios is also home to three theaters where visitors can catch up on new releases in between their theme park adventures! Right now, visitors can travel to a galaxy far, far away in the immersive Star Wars Experience.

Magic Kingdom Park

Magic Kingdom is probably the most popular and most widely known theme park in Orlando, where you’ll find the iconic Cinderella Castle. It’s probably what most people think of when they think of Disney World. You’ll find classic characters like Mickey and Minnie, the classic rides, delicious dining, and an overall magical Disney experience.

Disney Park Ticket Pricing

The way tickets work at Disney Parks goes on a tiered scale based on how many days you attend. Also, you can only attend one park per day unless you add on the “Park Hopper” options to visit more than one park in a day. The pricing structure for standard tickets (ages 10+) works as follows:

  • One day $109/day
  • Two days $107/day
  • Three days $105/day
  • Four days $103/day
  • Five days $88/day
  • Six days $75/day
  • Seven days $67/day
  • Eight days $61/day
  • Nine days $56/day
  • Ten days $52/day

For their water parks, you can choose a 1-day, 3-day, or 4-day ticket package, which would allow you to pick 1, 3, or 4 of their many water parks and sports attractions to visit. View more options and details on their website.

The Amazing Universal Theme Parks In Orlando

Outside of Disney, you’ll find Universal Studios Orlando. The fun never ends when you venture to Universal Orlando. You can step right into the world of Harry Potter and ride as many thrill rides as your heart desires here. Three different parks are included within Universal Orlando:

universal studios

Universal Studios Florida

Here you can meet your favorite movie and TV stars from the past century. You’ll be blown away by live shows, tours of famous film sets, simulators, rides, and attractions that let you experience movies like never before.

Islands of Adventure

Explore thrilling adventures inspired by classic Disney animated films and Marvel superheroes at this park which features a complimentary water taxi service to make getting around easy-peasy! So no matter what type of adventure seekers you have in your family (young kids or thrill-seekers), the Islands of Adventure has something for everyone.

Volcano Bay

A 22-acre waterpark that is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. Soaring 40 feet in the air above a lagoon, Krakatau Aqua Coaster provides riders with thrilling encounters as they splash down into soaking wet adventures below. For those who enjoy taking things slower, lazy rivers and turtle play areas are perfect for everyone to make their own personalized fun time!

Universal Orlando Ticket Pricing

The ticketing structure for Universal Orlando Parks works very similarly to the Disney Parks. Based on how many days and parks you visit, there are base ticket prices for standard tickets (ages 10+) and child tickets (ages 3-9). The Volcano Bay tickets are always $80/day for standard and $75/day for child tickets. However, the prices can change a lot depending on if you choose one park per day, or park-to-park, based on how many days you go.

Park-to-Park per Day (standard/child)

2-parks 1-day: $164/$159

2-parks 2-days: $136.50/$131.50

3-parks 2-days: $156.50/$151.50

2-parks 3-days: $97.67/$94.33

3-parks 3-days: $111/$107.67

2-parks 4-days: $78.00/$75.50

3-parks 4-days: $90.50/$88

2-parks 5-days: $65.80/$63.80

3-parks 5-days: $77.80/$75.80

little girl with mother at theme parks in orlando

One Park per Day (standard/child)

1-park 1-day: $109/$104

2-parks 2-days: $106.50/$101.50

2-parks 3-days: $77.67/$74.33

3-parks 3-days: $91/$87.67

2-parks 4-days: $61.75/$59.25

3-parks 4-days: $74.25/$71.75

2-parks 5-days: $51.80/$49.80

3-parks 5-days: $63.80/$61.80

On top of this tiered pricing system, there are also add-ons like express passes to skip the line, special events, and dining and photo packages. You can also purchase an annual pass and save even more money if you frequent the parks a few times a year.

As you can see, there is NO shortage of fun to be had at theme parks in Orlando. Whether you live nearby or are traveling just for these top theme parks, you are going to have a great time riding roller coasters, seeing your favorite movie characters in “real life,” and learning to cast spells in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Have fun and safe travels!